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Blake Street Improvements Justification

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Expand the project’s horizons. Rideshed™ shows routes taken on shared bike and scooter trips that travel to, from, or through the green project area. Below you can see a representative month of data visualizing how the Blake Street improvements connect people all across the city. Come back to see how this Rideshed™ changes with post implementation analysis.

Dates: Apr 19, 2023 – May 19, 2023
Vehicles: Scooters

Multimodal Insights

Gain insights from our data partners at Streetlight. These initial findings explore how the project might have influenced driving behavior like driving speeds and volume.

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Percent of vehicles > 10 mph over the speed limit
85th Percentile Speed
Est. Average Daily Car Trips
Mar 1, 2022Apr 30, 2022

Our Multimodal Data Pilot

Ride Report’s Impacts incorporates relevant datasets to measure multimodal outcomes of projects and policies against public agency goals. For this pilot, we leveraged Streetlight InSight® which uses Connected Vehicle Data, the Internet of Things, and other data sources to provide multimodal mobility insights. Since 2011, Streetlight has harnessed hundreds of sources to generate on-demand information to empower transportation decisions.

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